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 The Strangest Things Ever to be Auctioned on eBay

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PostSubject: The Strangest Things Ever to be Auctioned on eBay   Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:17 am

eBay has a few weird auctions in the past decade, with everything from job seekers to cornflakes to chewed pencils getting sold, packaged and delivered to various buyers. We take a look at five of the weirdest auctions eBay has ran:

Atari E.T. Landfill Cartridges

A documentary team went to New Mexico landfill, where Atari buried E.T. in 1982, after the huge commercial failure cost the video game giant millions in inventory space. They found a huge collection of games and sold some of them on eBay, with the E.T. cartridges going for anywhere between $500 and $1,200.

Bridgeville, CA

If selling a home is hard, imagine selling an entire town. Bridgeville - located in California - had tried this for a few years, before turning to eBay with an asking price of $750,000 for the entire desolate town. The first buyer was willing to pay $1.77 million, before checking out Bridgeville and backing out from the deal. The next buyer did acquire the rights to the town for a little less, at $1.25 million, but sold it again in 2006 to another buyer for around the same price.

Britney Spears’ Hair

Fans of Britney Spears have been known to be excessive, but this is taking it to another level. After the star shaved her hair, the salon decided to try and sell it online for $1 million, but it was void due to eBay’s terms of service.

Genuine Hollywood Sign

Some have tried to steal Hollywood sign in the past, forcing the city leaders to put a wired gate around the sign. However, the original 1923 sign has long since been removed from the Hollywood in Los Angeles, and was sold for $450,000 on eBay a few years ago. In 1978 the Hollywood sign was replaced with a newer version. Originally used as a real-estate gimmick, it has become one of the most iconic features in the America, a symbol for Los Angeles and the success of Hollywood.

Lunch With Warren Buffett

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Ever wanted to spend a few hours with one of the richest people in the world? Turns out even having lunch with Warren Buffett is costly, with the winning bid on the eBay auction hitting $1 million to talk about everything, apart from Buffett’s next investment. Buffett is a large donor to multiple charities, the lunch auction payment goes towards the Glide Foundation, helping to provide shelter for poor and homeless in San Francisco.

Credits to Allanah-Filehippo

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The Strangest Things Ever to be Auctioned on eBay
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